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My tweets

  • Sun, 23:07: RT @existentialcoms: I updated my Terms and Services for this Twitter account. Now if you don't like a tweet you are no longer obligated to…
  • Sun, 23:08: RT @meganamram: Trump is a plant by the NRA to make liberals want to shoot someone
  • Sun, 23:11: RT @existentialcoms: Sometimes I feel like my cat is wiser than me. Like, he's the one taking naps all the time, how smart can I be?
  • Sun, 23:11: RT @hippieswordfish: you can't believe it's not butter? buddy, almost everything is not butter
  • Mon, 07:31: RT @tmcw: the key technique to writing beautiful code is forming a strict, arbitrary definition of beauty that includes the code you write
  • Mon, 07:34: RT @studiesincrap: hi, i benefited enormously from an unjust status quo, please let me tell all of you who didn't why you should only criti…
  • Mon, 08:32: RT @girlonthenet: "Consumers are using ad blockers." "Let's make ads they don't hate!" "WAIT. I've a better idea!" https://t.co/adWa48SiER
  • Mon, 08:47: RT @BoobsRadley: I once saw a kid at a Burger King mix like five flavors of soda, sip it, and scream and I'm pretty sure that's how our bra…



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