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I thought that I had been too busy and dispirited to read LJ since I got my new job. I'm beginning to suspect that I was busy and dispirited because I wasn't reading LJ. Still, it's been good to catch up with y'all.

The reason for the busyness (and perhaps the sagging spirits) is that since I last posted I've gotten two things that I didn't exactly want: a proper job and a house. Don't get me wrong, both are excellent things, they just aren't things that I was particularly enthusiastic about acquiring. I guess they're like parents, or surgery: you might not really want to have them, but you're forced to concede that they're better than the alternative. Also, I can't complain about them without sounding like an ungrateful whiny arsehole who doesn't know how lucky he is. Oops.

I can feel my midlife crisis building already, looming like foreshadowing in a bad horror film. In ten years time I'll be doing a reasonably interesting and well-paid job, living in a nice house with a perfect girlfriend; and then have the temerity to mope about having... wasted my potential or something. Not potential for anything, I hasten to clarify. I've never really shown any potential to be anything other than a smart-arse fatally hobbled by indolence Effort-Deficit Disorder. But I could have done something, if I hadn't been so paralysed by imagining the regret that my future self would feel about the time I wasted getting depressed by the way I imagined the future would be.

Hello, LiveJournal. I'm back. And I'm bitching. I'd better take a screenshot of my 'friend of' list now, before this reminds people to cull me.

Currently reading: Fashion SWAT.
Something Awful is only sporadically particularly entertaining, but this section makes me laugh out loud. Mocking fashion shows and old adverts? How delightfully iconoclastic! Sure, it's just a transcript of two guys bouncing jokes off each other, but sometimes that's enough. It reminds me of the good old days.

Also, an article about sarcastic punctuation that I'm hoping you followed a link to soon after it appeared but have since forgotten, so this comes as a welcome reminder rather than a stale meme.
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