Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
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  • Sun, 13:32: RT @ruinedpicnic: unbelievable... why would someone buy a 4 pack of hedgehogs and just throw one away http://t.co/nFPjb8LTlV
  • Sun, 16:22: Escape From Baghdad! - Saad Z. Hossain The chaos & loss of occupied Iraq make a mockery of sanity, morality… & mortality? Grim, but charming
  • Sun, 16:31: RT @ch000ch: your DJ name is DJ + the thing that frightens you most. mine is DJ Walking Dolphins
  • Mon, 00:19: RT @DickGraceless: The argument for #trident is that is costs £120bn and saves 6000 jobs The argument against #steel is it costs £1.5bn an…
  • Mon, 00:29: If no-one wrote another word, you could still spend every waking hour of the rest of your life in thoroughly enjoyable & fulfilling reading.
  • Mon, 08:22: Consider text as a distillation of human experience. Perhaps, as with fat or sugar, we simply aren't adapted to such concentrated abundance…
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