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The fates have decided

I was in two minds about my plans for this evening. On the one hand, ousfg have Jason Kingsley as guest speaker this evening, one of the owners of 2000AD. I ought to go to support the society, to hear him speak, and to see his face when we ask him to sign our copies of both of his published works: Steeleye and the Lost Magic and He Man and the Memory Stone.

On the other hand, Client are playing at The Zodiac, supported by the adorabley Bjorky-looking Piney Gir. Both sound like they might be interesting, if not quite my usual cup of tea, and pretty, which is my usual cup of tea. Also, the gig'll be followed by new club night, Jet White, which sounds rather good and which I am long overdue checking out.

It seemed to me that my best solution would be to leave it in the hands of the gods. I decided that I would enter the competition on the Zodiac's website to win tickets to the aforementioned gig. That way the odds were that I'd be supporting ousfg as I should, but I was leaving myself open to a clear sign that I should go listen to some new music and then go clubbing (two things that I feel that I have been lacking this year).

Sure enough, this morning, nestling in my inbox was the following:
Hello - you have won 2 tickets for Client tomorrow - shall I put you down + 1?
It seems that I'm going to the gig. If it is the immutable will of the universe that I should be listening to pretty music from pretty girls, who am I to resist?

Current site: Gone and Forgotten, calamityjon's dissection of some truly dreadful comics. I've read through the lot when things are quiet at work, and it has raised some decidedly non-work-safe chuckles. LOL. Literally.

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