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  • Tue, 23:20: Pub scheme: headphones which take a playlist of songs, then use noise-canceling tech to ensure that you'll never hear any of them again.
  • Wed, 06:57: RT @grahamsleight: What does probability mean in your profession? http://t.co/lvOBCyiG1h
  • Wed, 07:07: RT @aedison: I want to finish with this sentence the least-relevant word, but I'm worried I'll end up using the exact apposite.
  • Wed, 07:11: RT @ZachWeiner: I'm in favor of building a fence as a solution to literally all problems. Need more STEM grads? Fence students into enginee…
  • Wed, 07:25: RT @FoodPit: Stew @ Lee's, Highbury. The thing about pop up restaurants, right, thing is with them, these restaurants that pop up. These po…
  • Wed, 07:26: RT @MicroSFF: Follow these simple steps to lose your ability to trust. You'll never believe what happens next!
  • Wed, 07:28: RT @thebottlerocket: What video games have taught me... http://t.co/CWrNnGxlZl
  • Wed, 07:28: RT @ryanqnorth: The X-Files theme song (by Mark Snow) has lyrics: "The X-Files is a show / with music by Mark Snow" but for some reason the…
  • Wed, 07:56: RT @tricycle_champ: BREAKING NEWS: Bread is extremely toxic to humans. "Just throw it all in a lake somewhere," says one long-billed scient…
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