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Drifting in and out of consciousness

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  • Sun, 22:38: RT @fourfoot: My ideal Bond theme would be Mark E Smith barking the phrase "Oxbridge. Spytrap. Bespoke. Psychotic." over the Vision On them…
  • Sun, 22:42: RT @Lady_Ada_King: You've heard of alphabet soup; now get ready for: Times new ramen.
  • Mon, 06:27: RT @CurlOfGradient: I created a golem to carry my groceries but all it does is gossip with the other golems in the parking lot. It's just a…
  • Mon, 06:50: RT @thatmachetegirl: @TheBloggess We made a colorful video of Depression&Anxiety Life Hacks, which you helped inspire and may appreciate: h…
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    tinyjo and I aren't married because we see very little reason to be, but it would make certain things (taxes, inheritance, etc.)…

  • My tweets

    Fri, 08:11: RT @ TheOnion: Express a socially-acceptable level of individuality with a shirt from the Onion Store today.…

  • My tweets

    Wed, 15:05: RT @ fart: Okay Twitter, I'm seeing a lot of discussion on this piece of media and nearly all of it ignores a crucial fact that,…

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