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  • Wed, 22:38: RT @MicroSFF: Subepidermal colour e-ink - design your make-up in the app & go from work to party mode in a second! (Free version occasional…
  • Thu, 08:31: In a talk on adapting Bayesian methods from astronomy to health data, treating people like galaxies. Weird Sun infiltration!? #FarrConf2015
  • Thu, 08:32: RT @p1xelcoder: There are times when I spend the entire day loading relevant information into my brain and there are days when I transform …
  • Thu, 09:14: One speaker: "I won't go into much detail." Me: :( Next speaker: "Let me go into detail." Me: 0_o I'm just never satisfied… #FarrConf2015
  • Thu, 10:55: Data Linkage Methods session featured some very crunchy discussion of algorithms. I'm going to need mulling time (& coffee)… #FarrConf2015
  • Thu, 10:59: Nothing unnerving about this invitation... :) https://t.co/BtNhsUxHzp
  • Thu, 11:05: RT @j4: "Why it makes sense to bike without a helmet" - good stuff: http://t.co/gmxOeJ3uUg (& you can still wear one if you like)
  • Thu, 11:29: RT @MaskOfFace: You try to see the thing more distinctly. But it turns out that the blurring was an integral part of what you liked about i…



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