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Old and Panicky

So, yesterday I was in the pub with my mates, as is our wont of a Tuesday, when I learned (from coalescent, Dave and Mike) that our local student indie night, Panic, had changed days and was taking place not tomorrow, but THAT VERY EVENING! And me dressed only in big boots, jeans and a glow-in-the-dark 'Schwa Corporation' t-shirt; already on my third pint of beer! How could I possibly go to Oxford's premier club-night, now relocated to the renovated and renamed Clementine's? You can imagine my relief when I remembered that turning up half-pissed in jeans and a cryptic t-shirt was what I had done every other time I'd gone to Panic. What a stroke of luck! It couldn't have turned out better if I'd planned it...

So, we went, and marveled at the transformation that had been wrought on the club once (semi)affectionately referred to as Latrino's. It must have been strange experience for the new-comers, seeing people clearly old enough to have been in a club before and not yet old enough to be suffering from Alzheimer's stumbling around casting surprised and confused looks in every direction. Even before they had concussed themselves on the playfully mounted wall speakers or (for the freakishly tall) ceiling beams... First impressions on the revamp:
  • You'd think painting it white would have made it look a bit less gloomy. You'd be wrong.
  • Is the ceiling higher? Is this just a result of them scraping off years of nicotine and the scalps of over-enthusiastic or over-tall dancers?
  • Are the brick pillars dotting the floor the result of stripping them down to their bare essentials, or walling up whatever they found when they did just that?
  • Eek! This UV light is strong enough that it looks like I'm seeing though a cloud of mist when I stare past it. Is that my retina evaporating or something?
  • And what the hell is this rectangle on my inner arm that only shows up under UV? Is this a remnant from a forgotten gig bearing mute testament to my lax standards of forearm hygiene, or something far more sinister?
  • What happened to the quid-a-shot, you-know-it's-working-because-your-throat-burns vodka?
  • Why is double vodka cheaper with a mixer than without?
  • Do they host nights that attract clientele profoundly different to tonight's, or is the inclusion on the drinks menu of a £50 bottle of Cava (not to mention the £150 bottle of Cristal) profoundly optimistic?
  • Should I be feeling uneasy at the realisation that the bar is where the toilets used to be?
  • Either they've not got a new sound system, or they deliberately bought equipment that sounds like everything is being played through a sock.
Anyway, we had quite a fun time jigging about to tunes old and new, though the new lack of differentiation between socialising area and dance-floor gave the whole club a curiously apathetic feel. Either that, or everyone there was just curiously apathetic. On reflection, I suspect that both factors were at work.

Also, I got (more-or-less) chatted up by a girl, for what may be the first time ever (or, if I go by the reports of my friends, just the first time that I've ever actually noticed it happening at the time.) I felt a prod on the arm (I tend to dance with my eyes closed, which may perhaps explain my erstwhile lack of hot indie-kid nightclub action) and turned to see a pretty, skinny youth with glasses and longish, straight dark hair, who delivered the irresistible opening line "I'm bored. What's your name?" Naturally, my first thoughts were "Oh no! How can I help this poor child escape my fearsome personal magnetism without dooming her to a lifetime of heartbreak and regret? For escape she must, or tinyjo will have her eyes for cat toys." Coincidentally, my alcohol-addled mouth had already selected the perfect rejoinder with which to gently lead the conversation to friendly but off-putting territory: "You know, I think I danced to this ['Girls and Boys' by Blur] when I first came here, eight years ago." It was quite dark, and the UV light was glinting off her glasses, but I'm sure that in her eyes I caught surprise that one of my youthful appearance, up-to-the-last-minute-but-one musical knowledge and timeless dancing technique could be so venerable, followed by a gradual disappointed realisation that a chit of a girl such as herself could have nothing to offer one so worldly and jaded as me. Our conversation continued along these lines when she complemented me on my necklace (a old-style drinks-can ring-pull on a chain, which has a tendency to make its way out of my t-shirt when I dance energetically.) "Thank you," I replied, "It's hard to get them nowadays." "Why so?", she enquired, which is how we ascertained that she couldn't actually remember when cans came with them... Nineteen she was; and called Rachel. I doubt I'll see her again.


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Nov. 20th, 2003 09:53 am (UTC)
'Inexplicably' moved?
My dear, your tears are clearly occasioned by your realisation that you too are a mere chit of girl who has nothing to offer one so worldly and jaded as me, unless it is the occasional post so intense that it can crack even my cynicism with a bitter-sweet reminder of what it was to feel emotion unimpeded and unprotected by my ever-present carapace of detached irony.

Also, you let me pretend that Jude Law posts comments in my journal, and provided an intriguing serving suggestion for absinthe.
Nov. 19th, 2003 11:01 am (UTC)
Despite the fact that no woman's charms could ever touch the glittering loveliness that is tinyjo, perhaps you should be flattered that you can still pull the honeys as a crusty old fogey.

Take it from another old fogey.

Nov. 20th, 2003 01:21 am (UTC)
Count yourself lucky I don't buy a UV lamp and make you scrub your forearms clean! And just remember that at any time there is the possibility that I will summon up the energy to go to Panic too :)
Nov. 20th, 2003 09:53 am (UTC)
Count yourself lucky I don't buy a UV lamp and make you scrub your forearms clean!

I like that you said this.

That doesn't mean you should do it, mind you.
Nov. 20th, 2003 06:04 am (UTC)
Diddums. Nineteen, eh? sweeet. You seem to have perfected the Oxonian Warm Shoulder (as in "I've just been given the warm shoulder"). On the other hand, as Wendy Cope points out, "bloody men are like bloody buses/they always come in threes" so perhaps if you had given the girl longer shrift you could have created enough of a critical mass to attract other blokes less fortunate than you, and then left them to their fun whilst you collected your zimmer... ? No?

well, it was a thought. Not my best, perhaps. I once met a girl who didn't know Paul McCartney had been in any band other than Wings.
Nov. 20th, 2003 09:59 am (UTC)
Re: aw...
...if you had given the girl longer shrift you could have created enough of a critical mass to attract other blokes less fortunate than you...

Less fortunate than I? Show me the man that isn't...
Ironically, perhaps, all my mates went home early while I was chatting to her, and I'm sure that the younger potential candidates would be (rightly) too intimidated to mount what could be interpreted as a challenge to the Alpha Male of the dance-floor.
Nov. 24th, 2003 02:37 am (UTC)
Re: aw...
She was looking really really board, and had just fought off two dodgy looking blokes who were trying to take advantage of her boredom. It was getting so despirate that even _I_[1] was considering asking her why she was there if she was that bored. Well done for making her smile.


[1] And I don't talk to women ever. Particularly not strange ones in clubs.
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