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  • Sat, 12:13: RT @drethelin: For evil to triumph, all that is required is for good men to respond rationally to incentives.
  • Sat, 12:13: RT @DeityOfReligion: Ship Control to Captain Tom Our base is stole Main screen turn on Can you hear me, Captain Tom? Who set us up the bomb?
  • Sat, 12:15: RT @BillyGee73: True story... http://t.co/NtpkObqwM4
  • Sat, 12:17: RT @VesselOfSpirit: Tell me what thy lordly clade is on the Night’s Plutonian shore!” Quoth the Raven “Dinosaur.”
  • Sat, 12:18: RT @MapOfTerritory: "I don't think it's worth having to lug this thing around just to press my clothes," Tom said, with heavy irony.
  • Sat, 12:24: RT @admittedlyhuman: ah. when I get distracted, I feel guilty for getting distracted, and I seek to distract myself from my guilt. very tig…
  • Sat, 12:25: RT @MakerOfDecision: Religion; the opposite of mathematics - because in math, we prove existence of things, and then don't bother with deta…
  • Sat, 12:59: RT @argletargle: Never doubt that sufficiently blah blah can change the thing. Indeed, it's the only thing that whatever.
  • Sat, 13:01: RT @DeityOfReligion: "Humans evolved 2 be fat & weak & moist & chewey" concludes the study author who is also a bear who broke into a lab …
  • Sat, 23:28: RT @OxfamStGiles: Saw book that looked wrongly shelved. Read the back cover to check. Intrigued, read the first few pages. On page 109 by 5…
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    Sat, 14:05: RT @ GoldenVision90: What a way to make a living. https://t.co/vWQOuhYEze Sat, 14:57: RT @ Louis_Allday: HR at work have…

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    Fri, 16:10: RT @ srpnor: Just opened my wallet and genuinely thought "crap I've got some cash in here I hope it hasn't expired" It's been so…

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    Thu, 14:25: RT @ kitschmusik: I wonder if there was some kind of event in the 1980s and 1990s that caused a large number of american lgbt…

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