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Nostalgia is such a let-down

Visited archie on Sunday, from where he's living in the spare room of mr_snips. We sat around in the living room, chatting somewhat listlessly about stuff that we'd been doing (Him: not much except work. Me: not much that I thought he'd be interested in) and watching Futurama and South Park from the Tivo whilst awaiting Lorna's arrival. Archie was quietly depressed, I was listlessly apathetic. Eventually we went upstairs to his room for some mano a mano action: a game of Counterstrike. However, this devolved into mucking about with screwdrivers and power cables trying to remove the requisite CD from an orphaned CD drive. By the time we'd done that, it was time for me to return to tinyjo for a meal, and Lorna still hadn't arrived, though she'd promised that she would.

In short, it was pretty much just like being back at Cranham Street, but oddly not very nostalgic. I can only assume that it was mr_snips' presence spoiling things. Or something...
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