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  • Wed, 16:52: RT @MYSADCAT: My cat is sad because I asked him to translate the stuff he says to me from his native cat language into English. http://t.co
  • Wed, 23:43: RT @IrisBlasi: 1,00,000 points to Gryffindor and whoever came up with this graphic http://t.co/rUMkWAKZrB
  • Wed, 23:47: RT @studiesincrap: Never trust an SF writer whose vision of the future is *less* diverse than the present. If they don't get people/culture…
  • Wed, 23:47: RT @loresjoberg: You're telling me the universe just HAPPENS to be random and meaningless? I'm sorry, anything this bleak and purposeless r…
  • Thu, 00:04: RT @ThePatanoiac: The jackhammers outside are destroying the road, but it's not their primary target. All that noise is crude sonar. They'r…
  • Thu, 07:28: RT @AthertonKD: I have stolen The cars That were in your Race And which You were planning to use In crimes Forgive me They were So fast …
  • Thu, 07:32: RT @HannahRKeyser: Bring back the multilayer newspaper headline. #EatsWormForLunch http://t.co/zt1pv2Ys3c
  • Thu, 07:46: RT @natashenka: I'd describe Android as free as in love. In theory it's both free as in beer and free as in freedom. In practice it's a lot…
  • Thu, 07:48: RT @ElizSimins: the fact that cats' heads fit perfectly into a human palm is proof that we are supposed to pet cats all day every day
  • Thu, 11:26: RT @SoVeryBritish: "Let's come back to that" - Translation: Let's forget about that immediately and forever
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