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  • Tue, 15:47: I bought an LED strip to act as a 'do not disturb' sign at work. It has 781 different lighting combos, about 200 times more states than I do
  • Tue, 15:56: Tempted to produce a key to each combo & make colleagues use it. 'Pulsing red & blue = melancholic reverie = heartening interruptions only'
  • Tue, 16:31: RT @FoodPit: The Weal of Thyme, Soho—BDSM dungeon where a Dominatrix with thrash you w/a handful of herbs whilst tugging her braid & smooth…
  • Tue, 20:31: Addressing the question "Can I play Pillars of Eternity as all bears?" http://t.co/lMmzDXFp7C
  • Tue, 20:31: RT @mallelis: Twelve Novels Summarized By Someone Who Has Not Read Them (Grateful "The Jungle" joke credit to @j_zimms) http://t.co/wdqsYqn
  • Wed, 07:14: RT @_Enanem_: The April Fools is the prequel to The Matrix.
  • Wed, 07:47: RT @fart: it'd be wise to take an archery class before you die so you can be a skeleton archer. don't end up a rusty sword skeleton if you …
  • Wed, 08:01: RT @LetterOfAlpha: Free as in speech, free as in beer, free as in will.
  • Wed, 11:38: RT @wikisext: sext: you choose my frequency...i enter my location for the shutdown program
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    Fri, 21:33: RT @ brian_bilston: "Sometimes the power of a homophone can come out of nowhere and hit you like a truck," articulated Laurie.…

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    Thu, 16:37: RT @ fro_vo: brb: be right back my brain: ᵇᵒʳᵇ https://t.co/MuASmSBnN9 Thu, 16:38: RT @ realaccountyeah: plato clutching his…

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    Wed, 13:53: RT @ Pecnut: Jack Reacher books use the phrase “That’s for damn sure” on average 5.64 times per novel. @ LeeChildReacher 💀📚…

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