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Gig 1

I don't intend this to count as my post for the day, but I do want people to read it as soon as possible and I probably won't have time for a longer post until everyone else in my office has left work, and hence everyone reading this from work in Oxford has left too(except jinty of course). So: tonight, at the Wheatsheaf, starting (based on past experience) at 8:30ish is a gig which I intend to attend. It will feature:
  • The Modern, who I seem to recall are rather good, in a somewhat wall of noise-y way
  • Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, who I remember as being even more wall of noise-y, and
  • The Evenings, who will be headlining, and are great.

The Evenings may be Oxford's only dance band and (for those of you who were at my house-warming BBQ the other week, or whichever Temple set it was where I played it) are responsible for that maddeningly catchy 'lala-lala-la' song, as well as a dance mix of the theme tune to (I think) the Channel 4 News. They have never played the same line-up twice (I believe), had nifty stuff happening on and in front of the stage in the two gigs I've seen them play, and are very danceable indeed, as jinty and cleanskies can testify. Perhaps I will see you there (almost certainly if you're concourse...)
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