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Another pathetic plug

Gee, I'd love to talk about my life, tiresomely beautiful and perfect though it may be to outsiders. However I'm lazy, and at a new job which actually keeps me kind of busy, so I'll stick to a quick plug of my first paid gig probably

Yes, I know I've said it before, but this time I'm even more likely than last time to be DJing for half of the period between 10 and 2, at the Zodiac, Oxford, tonight. I already have a list of people that I've promised to text if the unthinkable happens, and this gig goes the way of most of the others and fails to actually occur. Comment here before 6 or text me if you want to be added to this prestigious list of doubters. Also, please do come along. The earlier the better, as pandering to the audience will be much more fun if it's 10:15 and the audience consists entirely of my mates.

See you later! Hopefully!

Seriously, this one actually seems pretty likely to go ahead.
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