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  • Fri, 18:38: After I explain some of my code, my new colleague earns points by quoting the 3 great programmer's virtues: laziness, impatience, & hubris.
  • Sat, 08:01: RT @lizbatty: “What is the main problem you face when using non-car methods of transport” Risk of death by car, mostly
  • Sat, 08:15: RT @ClickHole: Anthropologists Are On The Verge Of Figuring Out How You’re Supposed To Read @Tumblr Comments http://t.co/TIWSQpJSdI http://…
  • Sat, 08:17: RT @Pundamentalism: I'd say 'it ticks 60 times per minute', but that's second hand information.
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    Tue, 09:23: RT @ gilescoren: It’s all opening up but do you still find yourself not giving a shit? https://t.co/PFnazkvaGv Tue, 09:31: RT…

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    Mon, 08:58: RT @ whalefern: the crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe https://t.co/mVyNtf4kvr Mon,…

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    Fri, 21:33: RT @ brian_bilston: "Sometimes the power of a homophone can come out of nowhere and hit you like a truck," articulated Laurie.…

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