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  • Thu, 21:36: RT @Conorpope: "Tell me about Twitter, Dad." "Well son, we would piece together the news of the day by reading strangers' decontextified jo…
  • Fri, 08:43: Casing the stalls at All Your Base, but they all seem to be solving problems that I don't have; including 'having too few t-shirts'… #ayb14
  • Fri, 08:50: Jeni Tennison draws intriguing (& surprisingly successful) parallels between today's availability of open data & The Reformation #ayb14
  • Fri, 08:58: …If only I knew a doctor of the philosophy of theology with database skills who could help me interrogate this 'Data Reformation'. #ayb14
  • Fri, 09:03: Networks => power laws => inequality. How can we address this? This is a refreshingly non-utopian view of the open data revolution. #ayb14
  • Fri, 09:22: Unexpected moral: we are the monks, and this is our Diet of Worms(!) #ayb14
  • Fri, 09:34: Optimised soil irrigation & responsive thermostats are all very well, but quantified cats!? Killer app for the Internet of Things! #ayb14
  • Fri, 09:36: RT @AYBConf: @oxfordhacker 'Shirt Circuit'?
  • Fri, 09:50: Nice crunchy talk on implementing the Internet of Things from @yoditstanton "I know people who've done unnatural things server-side." #ayb14
  • Fri, 10:25: Live big-screen Twitter stream filling with comments about the live big-screen Twitter stream. Time to take shit to the next level… #ayb14
  • Fri, 10:32: "I'm going to be kind of a pedantic asshole today. Hopefully you'll learn something." Risky start to a talk, @dstroyallmodels #ayb14
  • Fri, 10:38: "Databases have maladaptive features due to their pre-cloud origins." Even Ingres!? Say it ain't so… #ayb14
  • Fri, 11:00: Gave lots of detail about the bad old days of databases (<2006), then just named some newer systems. Preaching to the choir, at best… #ayb14
  • Fri, 11:16: Another crunchy, TLA-heavy talk, this time Laine Campbell on Amazon's RDS. Confirms that the loss of control is unsettling, or worse. #ayb14
  • Fri, 11:29: The main thing I have learned from this talk is that I'm profoundly glad to only be managing a biobank & not e.g. a social network #ayb14
  • Fri, 11:48: .@Patriciagorla begins an interesting case-study of Cassandra data-modeling with a reminder that "networks are never always reliable" #ayb14
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