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More music in the mix

So, pop-pickers, it seems that my moment of paid DJ glory continues to dangle just out of reach. I went to The Temple Bar last night to see Richard (the guy who's supposed to be fixing me up with the gigs). Unfortunately, a combination of his distraction by the pub quiz that he was running, his guilt at not having met me over the weekend as we had arranged and his heroic beer consumption (drowning the guilt, perhaps?) meant that I was unable to elicit very much useful information from him at all. The upshot seems to be that Twisted Disco at The Temple will start as soon as they have acquired a CD mixer (expected Real Soon Now), and my slot at Trashy at The Zodiac seems to have been postponed, but will also materialise soon. tinyjo pointed out that this sounded suspiciously similar to the things that he would tell me when he was trying to find me jobs at the agency, i.e. that there was nothing on just now, but there were plenty just around the corner (I have since found that every bloody agency person says that. "So you want to be Bjork's personal masseur? Well... we've got nothing on the system at the moment, but we're expecting things to pick up in the next few days. Do pop in next week if you haven't heard from us.") To be fair, he did actually find me a half-way decent job in the end, so I'm inclined to trust him on this one too. It's just a little frustrating... Still don't know whether I'm DJing at Latinos tomorrow either. Indie-kids, eh? Bunch of slack fucks.

On the plus side, and continuing with the musical theme, a guy at work responded to my random messageboard plea for copies of the second two CDs from Boom Selection Volume 1 (mine arrived destroyed, and the site doesn't seem to be doing them any more). Said CDs arrived in the internal mail today, and he'd even thrown in a bonus CD of mp3s as well. What a lovely chap. Unable to resist, I'm sitting here with in-ear headphones on under my headset listening to choice tracks while I deal with customer technical support issues. Sure, I have to ask them to repeat a few things, and there's the ever-present danger that I might blurt "When I raise my trigger finger all you fuckers hit the deck" at an inopportune moment, but that just adds to the fun.

To think, my boss said that he was pleased with my work yesterday. Of course, he then suggested I should take more calls, but he'd blown that one: if he's pleased, I'm not working harder. I suspect that he'd stop arranging these meetings with me if he knew that I considered this an endorsement of my occasional bad habit of hanging up on rude people (you eat while you're on the phone to me, you get 'cut off whilst on hold', bitch), and now listening to illegal remixes instead of whining fools. I guess this isn't such a bad job after all...
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