Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
Drifting in and out of consciousness

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  • Sat, 14:03: Tidied kitchen, renewed passport, bought bike parts, collected necklace & posted tea; all before lunch. Was my morning coffee extra strong?
  • Sat, 14:06: RT @DMReporter: MUSIC: Bono gives new U2 album away for free, defying critics who said “you couldn’t give that shit away for free.”
  • Sat, 14:06: I have an app on my smart-watch to wake me up when I'm sleeping lightly & have slept enough. I also have a kitten who does much the same...
  • Sat, 14:37: RT @CrapTaxidermy: "Whats that Lassie? Little Timmy fell down the old well and you're too fabulous to care?!" http://t.co/QYX9NRkliC
  • Sat, 16:21: RT @Zweder_Masters: I'm just sitting here, all alone, singing the blues. Part 2. http://t.co/HuVzA7eimO
  • Sun, 09:30: RT @aedison: ooh look at me im richard dawkins. i killed god with my bare hands, now I talk like a spider-man villain. 'Cease prattling, in…
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