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  • Sun, 13:37: 'Gendered AI' panel suggests that gender/sexuality are limitations; imposed on AI to control them, or adopted by AI for humans' sake #LonCon
  • Sun, 15:30: No caffeine + 'A Touch of the Macabre' panel was the best/worst idea, as I drifted in & out of consciousness in front of the slides #LonCon3
  • Sun, 15:36: :blink: sepia photos of rabbit-headed people + semi-audible tale of invasion :blink: dolls hung on trees + talk of a drowned child #LonCon3
  • Sun, 15:50: Ain't no party like a discrete Canadian party! #LonCon3 http://t.co/naHLwL6FEL
  • Sun, 17:14: Not a great sign when a panel begins with confused discussion about what the panel title & description might be supposed to mean... #LonCon3
  • Sun, 18:31: 'Dark Fantasy Around The World': We all want to read more books drawing on local folklore, but writers tend to look down on theirs. #LonCon3
  • Sun, 18:58: RT @niallharrison: Right then. Two hours to stats. #Hugos
  • Sun, 22:20: Asked the Helsinki tent for their most horrible, bitter drink. Was offered 2 bottles "This is most bitter, that is most horrible." #LonCon3
  • Sun, 22:29: Piratens Besk is amazing. It tastes like wormwood. No recipe on bottle. Me: "Because it's secret, or dangerous?" Him: "Maybe both?" #LonCon3
  • Mon, 10:23: Thought-provoking 'When Genres Collide' panel replaces genres with tags for 'itches scatched', & accepts reality as a genre mash-up #LonCon3
  • Mon, 10:50: 'Coping With Time-Travel Narratives' has friendly intra-panel bickering about which theories of time constitute what kind of cheat. #LonCon3
  • Mon, 10:56: 'Time Travel' panel hits classic failure state: 'audience members incoherently recount time travel stories they remember' :sigh: #LonCon3
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