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  • Fri, 12:04: 'Fanfiction Through The Decades': fun group detective work IDing fic excerpts from 1954 (Sherlock by Sayers) to 2012 (sexy Avengers) #LonCon
  • Fri, 15:07: 'Iain Banks - Before The Wasp' reveals 'Use Of Weapons' was the 1st Culture book written, & indeed the Culture was designed for it. #LonCon
  • Fri, 15:39: With a hi-vis tabard & 30 secs training, I become a sound guy for #LonCon Tech Ops! I get to slouch at the back of panels & look important!
  • Fri, 16:35: 'Saturday Morning Cartoons' panel agree TV animation is where to go for joy, silliness, surprise, fluidity, grotesquery & mythology. #LonCon
  • Fri, 17:09: The cartoons panel references (*draws together*?) schools of clowning, pantomime & Shakespeare. We take our fun seriously. (#LonCon slogan?)
  • Fri, 18:05: Audrey Niffenegger's English PEN talk encourages us to seek (& make) peace, love, shared knowledge, truth, art, & informed dissent. #LonCon
  • Fri, 20:08: '2014 Hugo Short Fiction' panel advice: don't vote for stories politically, or at least make sure they're good. & don't marry seals. #LonCon
  • Fri, 21:35: 'You Write Pretty': 4 authors, moderator MIA, argue about who's picked the Best Sentence. Could've been a mess, but charming & funny #LonCon
  • Fri, 21:47: For the record, Best Sentence was @FrancesHardinge's choice from The Jabberwock by Lewis Carroll: "And, as in uffish thought he stood," etc.
  • Sat, 10:06: RT @aedison: I'm really into using synonyms as antonyms lately. Or should I say, I'm really into using antonyms as synonyms? ;) ;) ;)
  • Sat, 10:08: 'Welcome To Clone Club' was a fascinating dive into Orphan Black's many themes & implications, particularly 'ethical mad science'. #LonCon
  • Sat, 10:59: The panel works through the multiple possible meanings of 'Banksian' & exemplars thereof, making for an admirable & fitting tribute. #LonCon
  • Sat, 11:34: 'Where is the YA Humour' panel discusses humor as subversion, as emotional leverage, as leavening to or vehicle for darker material. #LonCon
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