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  • Thu, 12:06: 'Not With A Bang But A Metaphor' considers apocalypse as revenge fantasy/news/inevitability/tidying/singularity/backdrop/punchline. #LonCon
  • Thu, 16:52: Intriguing 15 min papers on chivalry in Tolkien, medievalism in Pratchett, & the 'old weird' roots of the new weird. Learned & fun. #LonCon
  • Thu, 17:13: The 'Ideology vs Politics in SF' panel taught me that all SF is political &/or ideological. Or not. & that's good/understandable/bad #LonCon
  • Thu, 19:13: The 2014 Best Novel Hugo discussion was great fun but, despite the panel's generous attempts, I left feeling democracy is a mistake. #LonCon
  • Thu, 20:46: Lots of expertise & interest on 'Communicating Risk & Uncertainty', but sadly a) it's hard to do, & b) people don't listen anyway... #LonCon
  • Fri, 09:41: Spent 10 mins. casing today's #LonCon�programme. Ticked 4 or 5 promising-looking items. Realised I hadn't even got to midday yet. Exhausted.
  • Fri, 11:54: 'How Does Bookselling Shape The Genre?' Shops move from provider to curator, but surely ebooks & review sites will still kill them? #LonCon
  • Fri, 11:55: Bookselling panel v. interesting, but hampered (crippled?) by having 40% panelists from Hachette & hence unable to discuss Amazon... #LonCon
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