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Update to yesterday's entry:

Stardom Deferred
Twisted Disco, the Temple Bar's indie night (and hence my supahstah DJ career) will not be starting until next week (the 27th).

Stardom Enhanced
However, Richard has lined us both up a DJing gig at Trashy at the Zodiac. If this comes off, and there seems to be every chance that it will, I will not only be playing a gorgeous mixed bag of 80s, 90s, electro, pop, disco, indie, chart, all the party classics at Oxford's finest club, but making £12.50 for a 3/4 hour set (my best hourly rate ever!) As tinyjo pointed out, all I need to do is find somewhere that'll let me DJ 9 to 5, and my financial and job satisfaction woes are over. He's even managed to shoehorn me and tinyjo onto the guest-list for tomorrow's Trashy, so that I can case the joint. A set is already beginning to form in my mind...

Also, we won one of the rounds in the Pub Quiz, despite being a team of two! Inspired guesswork in the movies round and rattlesnake speed in the tiebreaker question, and we walked home with a pot plant! Clearly truecatachreis and squigglyruth were dragging us down last time...
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