February 2nd, 2018

Cute overload

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  • Thu, 22:00: RT @sannewman: Historical conspiracy theories: – Martin Luther: a false flag operation by the Catholics – Rome: Did anyone *see* it fall? –…
  • Thu, 22:10: RT @AndrewNadeau0: Running was invented in 1612 by Thomas Running when he tried to walk twice at the same time.
  • Fri, 07:04: RT @NaomiKritzer: My favorite thing about this is that the hat arrives pre-heated. https://t.co/dg0OVV0YoH
  • Fri, 07:14: RT @TheOnion: Man Prefers Comic Books That Don’t Insert Politics Into Stories About Government-Engineered Agents Of War https://t.co/V7ETAN
  • Fri, 07:15: RT @studiesincrap: having the emotional intelligence to recognize when your annoyance is overblown does not actually reduce said annoyance
  • Fri, 07:19: RT @ErinEph: Weird how most classic literature is just a lot of women being exhausted by loads of bullshit
  • Fri, 07:25: RT @Manglewood: USDA Grade A cat beef. https://t.co/IWC3vppYSW
  • Fri, 07:28: RT @Joe_A_Blevins: My point is, when you see an actual bandwagon, it looks like jumping onto one would be extremely challenging. So the met…
  • Fri, 08:06: RT @biancaxunise: wow please take a moment to appreciate these hauntingly beautiful bootlegged records (roentgenizdat) of banned music that…
  • Fri, 10:13: RT @FrogCroakley: Reminder that it’s amazing fun to sing “a goose with a serious face” to the title line of “mysterious ways” by U2
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