June 5th, 2015

Cute overload

My tweets

  • Thu, 12:47: RT @_Enanem_: I once got ripped off by a tout; I wanted to see The Cure but he sold me Placebo tickets.
  • Thu, 14:12: RT @TheOnion: Awful Man Offers Witty, Acerbic Take On Everything He Sees http://t.co/6Ga53IhMjr http://t.co/5lJ13YhEKo
  • Thu, 19:13: RT @TheOnion: New Claritin Flamethrower Incinerates Whatever Causing Allergies http://t.co/PckD8NwH6j http://t.co/j1imYSj1NQ
  • Thu, 19:15: RT @ghweldon: One milkshake to bring them all and in the backyard bind them.
  • Thu, 23:29: RT @NDXON: Q: where do u shop 4 yr internet gf A: eBae
  • Thu, 23:45: ∗Water Pageant∗ A band member sans band, so just an indie singer with a guitar. Quite pleasing, which is impressive under the circumstances.
  • Thu, 23:51: ∗Rainbow Reservoir∗ Guitarist & singer of raw, weird, charming songs. Like a punkier Alanis Morrisette (an unambiguous complement, BTW).
  • Fri, 00:00: ∗Piney Gir∗ Country-tinged indie, with smart lyrics, deceptively complex rhythms & a devastatingly charming lead singer. A poppier Björk?
  • Fri, 00:11: Basically @j4 & I just used each other as… anti-beards (razors?) to seem less obviously smitten by Piney Gir's charmingly mannered sincerity
  • Fri, 06:42: RT @marincogan: "Your piece was a good start but it needed some work. I've added four pages of w's and three lines of commas" http://t.co/P
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