November 5th, 2014

Cute overload

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  • Tue, 21:14: RT @Arr: KulaShakerFan2014 is the least common username on the Internet
  • Tue, 21:17: RT @bridger_w: Libraries were a good start, but we really need to keep working on the number of places where people shouldn't be allowed to…
  • Tue, 21:36: RT @TwopTwips: KILL two birds with one stone by putting all your eggs in one basket and counting your chickens before they're hatched. @S
  • Wed, 00:22: Pub chat: proto-electronica, composition by deletion, 1st Church of Beyonc�, LOLPaladins, platform wellies, unregulated trebuchet innovation
  • Wed, 00:23: RT @TlfTravelAlerts: "Platform 1..." says the announcement. All listen, expectantly. "Passengers...nil". The platform's remarkable winning …