September 3rd, 2010

Cute overload

30DMM: Spazzing Out

Day 3: A song that makes you dance.

I'd never been to a nightclub before I went to university. My geeky schoolboy peers and I weren't people who Went Out, we just hung around in someone's house playing games and talking shit. Fifteen years later, little has changed, though I'm not sure whether this is comforting or dispiriting. Then, as now, I was self-conscious and lazy, but I hadn't yet learned to suppress these traits, or even seen a need to attempt to. However, I think there was an additional reason why going clubbing had never even occurred to me, and I blame the media. Before I went to primary school I was worried that it would be like (issue-ridden school soap opera) Grange Hill because I had no other frame of reference, and before I'd been to a nightclub I subconsciously assumed that they were all like they are on TV: loud, bright, crowded and playing shitty music. It simply hadn't occurred to me that there might be clubs that played Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine and The Chemical Brothers instead.

When I was taken to one such club in my first week of university, I was an instant convert. I'd be out clubbing at least one night a week with the rest of the indie/alternative kids, jumping around with the enthusiasm of the young and tequila-addled before breaking into the University Parks for the shortcut back to college. There are many tunes that take me back to those days, but one stands out in mind as the platonic ideal of danceability: Out Of Space by The Prodigy. It has ridiculously energetic bits to spaz out and sing along to, interspersed with a chilled reggae sample so you can get your breath back before the next bouncy bit. What more could one reasonably ask? (Also, I now see, it has possibly the Most 90s Rave Video Ever.)

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