December 3rd, 2009

Cute overload

Help save my soul

This is a request for people in physical proximity to Oxford.

We're starting a new project at work, which will involve portable data-entry devices of some kind. We're currently discussing exactly what type to use, which has already led to some attempts to describe the many different and ill-defined classes of such device that are available. The circular and almost-intrinsically inconclusive nature of such discussions is poison to my soul, so I wish to do anything I can to reduce my chances of ever having to sit through any more. My hope is that if we had something concrete to discuss, things would be much more productive (a concept that I'm sure is familiar to designers of all sorts).

To this end, I would like to borrow some tech. I'm thinking about a netbook or similar, running real Windows (i.e. not Windows Mobile). One of the new EeePCs, for example, would be perfect. I'd only need it for a day to wave at the project manager, though obviously a slightly longer loan would be better. I'd only really need to demonstrate screen resolution and text entry methods, so we wouldn't be installing anything (or probably even running anything other than Notepad). I would, obviously, take complete responsibility for it (though equally obviously I'd recommend backing up anything essential that's on it first).

I know it's quite a lot to ask, but please comment if you can hook me up or if you know anyone who could...
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