October 2nd, 2009

Cute overload


This sounds like it's either an awesome or terrible idea, but I'm genuinely not sure which. If only there were some way of getting other people to decide for me...

Wait! Of course!

Thom Yorke out of Radiohead forming a band which includes Flea out of Red Hot Chilli Peppers

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    'The Eraser' - Thom Yorke
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Cute overload

Preserved Ephemera

  • 22:37 *Space Heroes Of The People*
    Keyboard, samples & live robot vocals over tight drums & powerful double bass. Alternate-futuristic electro?! #
  • 22:41 *Night Terrors*
    Proggy, busy, layered electronica, greatly enhanced by the compelling sound (& sight) of an excellent theremin player. #
  • 23:04 *Fuzzy Logic*
    Imagine a rock band fronted by Dizzee Rascal. If it's quite fun but still not an especially good idea, you're doing it right. #
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