June 6th, 2009

Cute overload

Preserved Ephemera

  • 23:54 Rising volume limits conversation to short bursts of the basics: the past, the future, fractals, AI, music theory, cellular automata, etc. #
  • 00:01 The group next to me sing Mel & Kim's 'Repectable' over the DJ's bland dance tunes. We came for mashups and mashups we will have, damnit. #
  • 00:34 The floor's packed but people keep pushing past. Either we're in an invisible thoroughfare, we look unusually pliable, or everyone's in flux #
  • 00:48 I have neglected the obvious explanation for the nearby movement: everyone here wants to rub up against me. It's Occam's very sexy Razor... #
  • 02:42 *2manydjs*
    Too many mashups of already similar dance tracks, too few genres defied; but enough sublime moments to make a great gig. #
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