March 2nd, 2009

Cute overload

The OUSFG Award 2008/9 Short List

Back in my student days, I was a member of (indeed, President of) OUSFG, the Oxford University Speculative Fiction Group, a gathering of aficionados of fanciful media of all sorts. I very rarely feel any form of attachment to abstract entities - be they schools, political parties, companies or countries - nevertheless OUSFG earned that loyalty while I was a student and, once earned, my fealty is indefatigable. Now that I am elderly I rarely attend meetings lest I drive off the current generation of students; I fear my haggard features and tales of the ancient past would 'harsh' the 'vibe' as these youngsters would no doubt have it. I therefore find it all the more flattering when I'm ask to run the occasional meeting, and thus both pride and honour demand that I accept.

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