March 1st, 2009

Cute overload

A plan

I'm disappointed that, while I succeeded in last November's attempt to post every day, it didn't actually lead to me posting any more in general as I'd sort of hoped it might. As an ex-mathematician, the solution to this problem is trivial: reduce it to a previously solved problem. I want to post more, trying to post every day for a month worked last time, therefore I'm going to try to post every day for a month again. QED.

Of course, part of the point of the previous exercise was to get me to post stuff that I had (more-or-less) written, and it was largely successful in that regard, so I'll be going into this with fewer fallback options. On the other hand, I already write something (nearly) every day in the form of Morning Pages, and being an unimaginative narcissist, I tend to just write about whatever I've been doing or thinking in the last twenty-four hours, so if worst comes to worst I could blog by copying and pasting something I've already written. The problem with that plan lies within the very nature of Morning Pages: to avoid inhibition you're not supposed to be writing for anyone other than yourself, so some of that stuff might (and arguably even should) be inappropriate to share with others. However, I'm pretty sure that this is a problem (like so many others) that can be overcome with judicious use of regular expressions. All I need to do is:
  • Delete any paragraph with the word 'dream' in it. I occasionally note down my dreams, but I'm not under the illusion that they're of any interest to anyone else.
  • Remove all sentences containing the words 'feel' or 'emotion'. After all, I've got to preserve my reputation for manliness!
  • Replace all proper nouns with initials. That way, I can continue being honest in my personal notes without jeopardising any friendships when I post them. e.g. 'Saw SHoTP play last night: terrible stuff. Frankly, I'm embarrassed that I even know anyone involved with this band.' or 'Last night J was going on and on about how great cats are again. I just pretended to agree, as usual.' Bingo! Honest, yet completely anonymus.
  • Replace 'porn' with 'thought-provoking essays' and 'masturb' with 'cogit'.

That ought to do the job. Let the blogging commence!

Oh, I guess it has.
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