February 3rd, 2009

Cute overload

Notes to self, re: modes of address for cats

I've lived with Cassidy the cat for many years now. Being of a creative, ludic - perhaps I might flatter myself by going so far to suggest 'poetic' - bent, I have, in this time, deployed a number of metaphors and similes in an attempt to encompass her undeniable charms. tinyjo, who successfully manages the unlikely feat of championing both accuracy and kindness, often has cause to remonstrate with my fanciful descriptions on one or the other of these grounds. This post, then, is intended to serve me as a reminder of those descriptions that tinyjo has found wanting, along with her corrections:

Cassidy is not...She is, in fact...
The size of a Shetland ponyLittle at heart
A cold-hearted serial killer of rodentsA brave protector of our household from evil shrews
A busby with a faceA beautiful pussycat angel made of purrs

Hopefully this will clear up a few of the misconceptions under which I have been labouring, thus contributing towards future household harmony.
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