November 14th, 2008

Cute overload


Once again, a quick post. Once again, it's quick for excellent reasons, though it's not going but staying in that forms my excuse this time. A month ago, with a few mouse clicks, I set set in train events that would lead, inexorably, to the loss of a good many otherwise productive evening, beginning with tonight's; for that was the night that I ordered Guitar Hero: World Tour. It's now waiting in my office (its arrival today having no doubt marginally increased my sexiness in the receptionist's eyes) and within minutes tinyjo will be back from Guides and demanding that we drive out and pick it up forthwith. I only hope that my key card will let me into the building after office hours as promised, or it's going to be a difficult weekend. Frankly, there's going to be some kind of tortured whining in our household tonight, so here's hoping it's guitars and not girlfriends...

She's not back yet, though, so I have time to share a weird experience: on the radio this morning, between the weather forecast and the news headlines, they simply announced "Today is the sixtieth birthday of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales", followed by an orchestral verse of the national anthem. I feel like we're living in the olden days, or an American's view of what quaint little olde Englande is like. I mean, for fuck's sake. He's our emergency back-up figurehead, a century too late to be a death away from relevance.

OK, she's back, I'm gone. Peace out, y'all.