February 16th, 2008

Cute overload

Preserved Ephemera

  • 19:51 Drinks with colleagues, then a bagel, tea and manga at an ice cream bar, now a bottle of beer in a modern art gallery with a live band. #
  • 19:55 In a thick-framed box on a tiny wire hanger is an intact but empty set of feathers. Empty eye and beak holes. Sunday best, or a disguise? #
  • 20:00 An empty white sillouhette strolls, jaunty and alone, down the gutter of an empty Oxford street; glowing in the bright night. #
  • 20:04 Glistening paint spatters impart a sense of movement and texture that seems to mask something three-dimensional, as a tiger's stripes do. #
  • 20:09 A rich red phone box against an ancient grey wall, starkly illuminated by a wrought iron street lamp in harmonious anachronism. #
  • 20:16 A black & white photo of a naked girl lying on her side the beach. The shadow of a palm frond on her back recalls the bones beneath the skin #
  • 20:21 A thick canvas of orange streetlight through tree branches. The image wraps around the edges. Stare & it inverts, as if set *into* the wall. #
  • 20:32 A figure built of wire loops hangs in the window, arms aloft, metal gauze trailing from its back like motion blur, or wings, or flames... #
  • 20:35 A bronze man slumps naked on a rock; a pick dangling in one hand, feathers clutched in the other. He wears a blindfold. His wings droop. #
  • 20:38 A basket full of tins with the immistakable Tesco branding, labelled 'Value Human Kidneys in a lite brine. Quality Guaranteed'. #
  • 20:49 A girl stands on a crowded train amongst slumped people reading papers. Her cap & hand mask her face. Is she bored, or worried, or pensive? #
  • 20:54 A fierce-looking old gent in a monicle & pyjamas sits in a library, book open on his lap. No doubt what he tells you will start an adventure #
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