July 30th, 2007

An all-too-common occurrence

Party assessment

Busy weekend, particularly for someone gradually succumbing to sickness (I spent the day with wet feet, and came down with a cold a few days later. My grandmother was right all along! Must find that scarf...) Despite this, I managed to attend three parties in as many nights (though I didn't actually manage to do anything else). Enhancing all three were the universally improving ingredients jinty and tortipede, and, of course, the lovely tinyjo.

For simplicity's sake, and to facilitate data analysis to ensure that I'm meeting my Mandatory Fun Performance Targets, I will present the results in tabular form:




Host bluedevi Julian cleanskies
Type Pub meet Cocktail party Summer barbecue
Occasion Birthday Just that kind of guy Birthday
Drinks drunk 4 4 4
- Of which fruity 4 2 0
- Of which beer 4 0 4
Service Cheerful but overworked bar staff Cheerful but incompetent cocktail mixer/architect Cheerfully pragmatic self-service (though pre-mixed Pimms was provided)
Cats None Lily, extremely affectionate party-crasher 'Keith Chegwin', skulking by the shed.
My dress Tight black fake-snake-skin trousers, tight t-shirt with pixelated dinosaur. Black velvet pin-stripe suit, lavender shirt with open collar Slightly sparkly blue boot-cut jeans, custom Daily Dinosaur Comics t-shirt
- Accused of looking like A cyberpunk Beck Tom Cruise
Divisive discussion topic Religion Religion Feminism
- My response to said discussion Fled Participated, though unsure to what extent my drunken ramblings about Discordianism actually helped Sat quietly, coughing
Amount of voice left by the end 80% 60% <30%

If anyone fancies performing some initial number crunching or peer-review on the above raw data, feel free.
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90s Music Monday - Peaches

I was (inevitably) charmed by the concept of 90s Music Monday when I first heard about it whilst on holiday with the LJ abuse team, but I have consistently failed to participate until now. By way of apology, I present a song that never fails to bring a smile to my face. If you like soft fruit, ninjas, and/or catchy summer guitar pop, you will like this. If not... well, I pity you.