January 7th, 2007

Cute overload

Smart. Casual.

I blame damiancugley. At work once - whether apropos of nothing or inspired by seeing me - he said, "You know in Star Trek when they go back in time to the late 20th century, and they dress in period costume, and it's always perfect? That never rang true. It would be much more realistic if they wore stuff that looked reasonable at first glance but, on closer examination, was all a bit uncoordinated and didn't quite fit because the computer that designed the costume didn't quite get it."

Since that day, when I catch a glimpse of myself reflected in the windows at work (typically resplendent in unlaced army boots, black cord jeans, coloured shirt and dinner jacket) I don't think, "I really need to either get some proper work clothes or stop trying", I think "Yeah! 24th century retro, baby!"
Cute overload

A weight off my face

Well, the votes are in, and the fate of my facial fuzz is fixed. To my surprise the actual voting was almost 2:1 in favour of my keeping it. However, after applying sophisticated data-processing techniques to adjust for other significant factors (tinyjo voted against, keeping a neatly trimmed beard seems more effort than just shaving, more than one comment drawing comparisons with Shaggy), I came to the inescapable conclusion that it had to go.

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I'll miss it, a little, but I feel that I have proved my manliness (once again) and - who knows - maybe someday it will return; perhaps if being a beatnik comes back into fashion, or when my mid-life crisis kicks in...
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