September 27th, 2006

Cute overload

Friendship test

I present this for your delectation. It's an amateur stop-motion music video made with toys to accompany a rap song about treasure hunting by a pirate captain called Dan. To my mind, it is very much how the Pirate Captain out of the 'Pirates!' series would sound, were he to turn his hand (or indeed hook*) to rapping.

If nothing in that capsule description appeals to you, our relationship may be doomed.
Sorry to break it to you like that.
Still, even a break-up speech in the form of a blog post about piratical rap doesn't count as my most insensitive dumping, so count yourself lucky.

*Note for pedants: I know, the Pirate Captain doesn't actually have a hook for a hand. I sacrificed accuracy for weak word-play. If it's any consolation, I actually feel a bit bad about this.
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    'Flintlock Glock' - Captain Dan