September 30th, 2003

Cute overload

Close call

Nearly slipped on my resolution to post every day. My boss stayed late, and my current PC is completely visible from hers, and then I was finally reading the new journals of people that I know (mr_snips, you'll find the odd comment on 2 month old posts. Damn, it's good to have the internet back. (I hasten to add that those two sentences are pretty much unrelated.)). So, I was just thinking "I'll go back to Jo's and post from there", when I decided that as I blatantly wouldn't I'd better stay on a bit later. And what a benefit to the world that I did, for I now present to you:

10 similarities between DJing and sex.
  1. Both require a certain amount of dexterity.

  2. You need more than working equipment to do either, but you do need working equipment.

  3. With both, it helps if you think a few moves ahead.

  4. Both get much trickier when one is drunk.

  5. I can do either one for quite some time without getting bored.

  6. Neither is likely to earn me more than beer money.

  7. Neither is likely to make the transition from a hobby to a career.

  8. Both have earned me the appreciation of a small but select group of discerning people.

  9. Neither could adequately be replaced by a mix CD, unless it was a really good mix CD.

  10. All inspired by tinyjo's comment that:
  11. My expression is apparently similar when doing either.

Make of that what you will...

Also, an article which will interest those of you interested in Radiohead, drawing, teaching or children (which I think covers most of y'all (those that I know in meat-space, anyway)) courtesy of autodidactic, to whom mad props.
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