April 16th, 2003

Cute overload

Wild Wild Web

Being some observations on that technological marvel of our age: The Inter-Web.

Last week, suddenly, the filters at work (from where, as ever, I do 95% of my net surfing) started blocking access to LiveJournal. I assume this wasn't (entirely) my fault, but it was bloody irritating. Fortunately, I have a 1337 h4x0r girlfriend who hooked me up with a magical ASP page so that I can view the entire internet undaunted by filters (or graphics, or the ability to comment on people's posts, unfortunately, but that's the internet's fault, not hers.) She is richer, younger and more technically adept than me. Lucky I'm not prone to insecurity or old-fashioned notions of masculinity, eh?

What can I say?
I just don't have anything to say. I can't be bothered with anything recently. I've just been sitting around doing nothing. I've just been letting everything pass me by lately. More or less nothing notable happening worth mentioning.

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This is genius.
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Cute overload

Work it, baby

Being a tiresome, but perhaps instructive discourse on the merits of perseverance.

In a way my current job is ideal for a job hunter: shit enough to act as a spur to effort, quiet enough that I have time to brush up my CV and surf job sites, and not so dispiriting or tiring as to completely crush my motivation (which I suspect suffers from osteogensis imperfecta a la 'Unbreakable' or 'Amelie'). Sometimes it feels like a constant effort to keep myself from spiraling into depression about how my working life seems to be spiraling into somewhat crappy temping jobs. By fucking up my first proper programming job at exactly the wrong time, I ensured that my nascent career rode the slumping IT market down into the doldrums. Every month I spend doing sleep-walking temp jobs I feel my value as a worker shrivel as my skills atrophy and obsolesce, and for every time I convince myself that support is a good direction for me because it plays to my strengths there is a time when I feel that's just a desperate attempt to rationalise taking the easy option and failing to make the most of even that. I've always felt that potential is for squandering, but I'm wondering if I should at least be keeping some, just in case.

That said, in the past week I've had not one, but two heartening leads:

- I have had one phone interview for a reasonably promising sounding job. It's still phone support, but more technical than my current role and with more potential. It was weird being interviewed on my mobile at my desk in my lunch-hour though, so I'm not sure how well I came across. I'm supposed to hear back about that one soon, but it was via an internet job agency, so I have no confidence that this will be the case... Perhaps I'll hassle them if I haven't heard by Thursday...

- Even better, Champion have gotten me a proper, meat-space job interview this very morning. The job is that of IT dogsbody, basically, which is exactly what I want to try to revive my skills. I'm looking for a job doing IT support because it's reactive and involves dealing with people and tech, which is very much where my strengths, such as they are, lie.
I try to plan, in your sense of the word, but that isn't my basic mode, really. I improvise. It's my greatest talent. I prefer situations to plans. - Wintermute the AI in 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson.
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Cute overload

Yo, DJ (Pump This Party.)

Being, superficially, a familiar update on the alleged immanence of a DJing career, but with uncharacteristic specificity.

I have a proper DJing gig lined up: Thursday 24th April, The Temple Bar, Temple Road. Twisted Disco is go! While this date seems pretty damn solid, it is still subject to the usual vagaries of Real Life. Not least amongst these is the fact that this is very day that tinyjo goes under the knife (well, coherent light beam) to have her face replaced by Nicholas Cage's eyes fixed. She should be fine by the evening, but it is possible that I'll end up staying with her and debuting the following Thursday...

Tonight I'm going clubbing to listen to my New Best Matetm Richard Craven DJing at Trash y, and may well be meeting Anna to discuss the possibility of me doing the same. tinyjo and I went last week, and it was rather fun. The emphasis seemed to be on familiarity but diversity. Not quite sure what would work from the more dancy/alternative side of my collection, but I reckon I could construct a set that would do the job, and it's random enough that the odd bad choice that no-one dances to isn't too disruptive because no-one dances to every track anyway. And it was the first time I've heard a DJ segue from Madonna to Nirvana, or danced to Iron Maiden's Run To The Hills for about 8 years. Good stuff.

I dunno. You wait ages for a post, then three come along at once...
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