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Kelly Osbourne spoilt my day

Yesterday I took an unpaid day off work to help my best mate (archie) help his caree (care-taker?) (fascicle) look at a council flat. fascicle needs somewhere to live fairly urgently, and it looked rather like this might be her one and only chance to have the council provide something for her. As such, it seemed worth making an effort to ensure that she got round to looking at it, at least. As things transpired, the actual process of bringing her and the flat into conjunction was rather more painless than I had anticipated, fraught with delays and confusion, certainly, but no more so than one would expect from the council. The flat itself left rather more to be desired. Reasonably nice, in a college room sort of way, but with frankly draconian rules (again, in a college room sort of way.) It looks like certain of these rules will make her consider the place unsuitable, unfortunately, despite the attendant perilous possibility that the aforementioned fascicle will have to find somewhere to live herself...

Though depressing, this news was hardly unexpected. However, I assume that it was more stressful for me than I had realised (convenient excuse), as later at ousfg I snapped at tinyjo, something that I probably only do about once a year, and never with such little provocation. All was forgiven rapidly, to my relief, but the occurrence still surprised and upset me (and her, of course, rather more to the point.) In the end, then I was practically welcoming returning to the low-stress, low-effort work environment.

So, I drifted off to sleep listening to the restful 'Dirty Epic' by Underworld, nice and loud and immersive... only to be woken horribly by the screeching of Kelly 'Fucking' Osbourne at equivalent volume on my morning radio alarm. I assume that it was a combination of this trauma and the day off buggering up my circadian rhythms that led to me switching the offending caterwauling off, and waking up over an hour later with a pithy "fuck", skipping my shower and dashing to the station (having missed the free bus to work), buying a ticket with my credit card (having lent my last fiver to archie), and missing the train by about a minute. Half an hour of sitting on a metal bench on a freezing platform, another quarter of an hour waiting for a bus at the other end, and I rolled up to work 3/4 of an hour late and frostbitten (not literally, I hasten to add for any foreigners reading. Our weather rarely gets that uncivilised.) So I skipped lunch today to avoid doing even more damage to my bank-balance (I'm paid by the hour), and am now slumping here tired and bored with greasy hair and a headache.

And that's why I hate Kelly Osbourne.

That and her songs.
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