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DJ Jaded in tha house. Or something.

Hey look! I'm DJing in Bar Baby, sleazy cocktail and lap-dancing* bar (though not, as far as I know, while any actual lap-dancing is going on.) Top of the bill, too!

Hello and thanks for signing up to DJ at Stick It On...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am writing to offer you your 15 minutes of fame on Friday January 31st at Bar Baby, Cowley Road, Oxford.
Welcome to the DJ Democracy...

The non-DJ's playing on the night (in no particular order) are as follows:
  • DJ Jaded

  • Peepshow Paddy (Pimp Daddy Long Legs)

  • Sister Sludge

  • DJ Who

  • DJ Sterling

  • Che Lo

  • DJ Tommy Options

  • Simply The Best

  • Young Gifted & Slack

  • DJ Funk Monkey

  • The Big Tease

The plan is as follows:
  • Doors Open at 8pm, entry is £3 until 9pm (DJ's don't have to pay but just so you can tell your mates)

  • From 9pm entry is £4

  • All DJ's must arrive by 9pm to get registered (and have a drink to calm your nerves)

  • We will then put all the names in the "Champagne Bucket of Destiny" to decide who plays when

  • The first DJ out of the bucket will play at about 10pm and the last DJ will play at 12.45am

  • Bar shuts and we kick out at 1am

Please note: Baby's capacity is only about 150 people and once it's full we will be running "one in one out" so please encourage all your friends to ARRIVE EARLY to avoid disappointment. All you need to bring with you is your 5 tunes on cd or vinyl and a crowd to cheer you on. You will be given all the help you need to make sure your music is played with no cock-ups and all you really have to do is press "play" five times and dance around behind the decks giving it the big one!! Mixing is actively discouraged but you can have a go if you like and any changes to your set lists must be approved in advance. There is no dress code but we will be taking photo's for the website so feel free to dress up if you feel the need...


Yeah, right. They know who's daddy.

Admittedly, the night is for 'non-DJs', but I chose to assume that meant 'non-professional'. Not sure what to expect really. While this is clearly a transparent attempt to fill the bar by ensuring at least 10 people turn up and bring some mates, I have no idea whether that's all it is. Should be interesting, anyway...

* Note to self: Make hilarious with smutty cock and/or tail + lap-dancing pun.
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