Drifting in and out of consciousness (oxfordhacker) wrote,
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  • Thu, 07:19: At last night's gala dinner we were taught a strange hand jive ('connect, shift, squash') & encouraged to perform it in unison... #ihdln
  • Thu, 07:21: ... I was inordinately pleased to infer that it represented the effect on a histogram of a successful public health intervention #ihdln�
  • Thu, 07:31: Here, I'm an outgoing chap who gets up at 6 for pre-breakfast strolls. I've created a more misleading alter ego than Bruce Wayne did #ihdln
  • Thu, 07:37: This morning: talks about the ethics of data linkage, & some nice crunchy demos of automatic data quality assessment techniques #ihdln�
  • Thu, 07:42: This afternoon: glimpses of incredibly smart predictive models, then a series of unassailable graphs inexorably advocating socialism #ihdln�
  • Thu, 07:48: This evening: sampled 10 different local beers & discussed the public health effects of politics, toilet seats & (of course) alcohol #ihdln�
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