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  • Sun, 23:24: Away for a 4 day conference then a week's holiday with @aveleh, but in which country? Solve this equation to find out: America + sanity = ?
  • Sun, 23:28: For me, long plane trips are film binges. Capsule reviews incoming!
  • Sun, 23:31: *47 Ronin* How did they make a film of samurai vs CGI monsters so damn *boring*? Shape-changing witch Rinko Kikuchi was the only good bit.
  • Sun, 23:37: *Frozen* Really charming, pretty funny & rather clever. I can see why this garnered so much love, especially from a feminist perspective.
  • Sun, 23:41: *Pacific Rim* At one point, a giant mech beats an even more equally big monster to death using an ocean liner as a club. Straight-up amazing
  • Sun, 23:48: *Monsters U* Cramming Monsters Inc into the generic American university comedy plot removes most of the surprise & (hence) most of the charm
  • Mon, 01:07: Met @hiacre, @gershamabob & @Teabrix for breakfast pancakes & chat. @Teabrix delightfully unphased by me just showing up in a cafe in Canada
  • Mon, 01:17: Of course, as I prepared for the aforementioned pancake breakfast I was bumping 'Bacon Pancake State of Mind': https://t.co/UP86gTpCMd
  • Mon, 05:23: All day, with charming trust, Canadians have assumed I'm Canadian because of my maple leaf shirt. Now I wish I had one saying 'Best at sex'.
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