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Haven't written anything for a few days, but I have an excuse or two. I write this at work (something to do) and I'd had a few days off to do stuff. In fact, let's check my old things to do list and see how I did, shall we?

- Help arrange Caption, a small-press comics convention taking place this weekend (inc. writing witty pieces for programme, organising things on the day, running the art auction, etc.)

Sorted. It seemed to go well. I ran an auction and a panel, drank much beer, chatted to some cool people, bought too many comics (including many Chick tracts, marvelously rabid tiny right-wing Christian comics to which I am addicted), and participated in a romance photo-story workshop in which I was dressed up in an auburn wig, matching paper mustache and paper wedding dress by a pair of gothy cartoonist sisters.

- Discover why ceiling of room is leaking.

Sorted. The water-tank in the roof is overflowing. I found that out by leaving a tap running at night, and observing that the ceiling stopped leaking (until Lorna, my other housemate, switched it off because she hadn't been told why it was on.)

- Be supportive towards Archie.

Well, sort of. Bit busy trying to prepare for and run Caption, but I did go with him to the asylum to get our mate, his caree, assessed as 'bonkers enough to continue getting money for it', hopefully. Poor fuckers now have to wait a couple of months before finding out whether the Social Services agree with the assessment. Still, the appeal's in and there's not much more they can do, so that's should be a certain amount of weight off their minds.

- Keep my girlfriend Jo happy while she lives with me for the week to look for a house in Oxford and help out with Caption.

Sorted. She's quite easily pleased really. Approximately one cup of tea every hour and a hug every five minutes and she's happy. She was somewhat ill though (again), which was a mixed blessing. On the minus side, she kept me awake by coughing and sneezing, and wasn't feeling too good; but on the plus side, she lost her voice, which was quite entertaining for me. Poor thing...

- Become a year older.

Sorted. I wasn't really concentrating, but I managed it anyway. Interestingly, a full third of my presents thus far have been illegal drugs. A friend of mine was kind enough to provide a veritiable smorgasbord of varieties of dope, and one of the lovely goth sisters at Caption gave me a drag or so on her joint when she learned that it was my birthday. Which was nice.

This week's things to do:
- Actually get the leaky ceiling fixed before the whole damn thing comes down on my head.
- Get my mobile phone fixed or replaced, as it seems to have decided to stop charging up.
- Try fixing my laptop. I managed to fix it last time whilst half-drunk using a screwdriver heated on the stove as an impromptu soldering iron. This time I actually have a soldering iron and solder, so it should be a piece of piss.
- Chill wit' my housemates. Seems like ages since I've done that, what with Jo being round, Caption to run and shit.
- Have interesting experiences/thoughts to share with you, Dear Reader.


Autobiographical fact #5:
The other person I live with is Lorna. She is... intense. Cool though. She spends her time writing books with which she is never sufficiently satisfied to show to others; reading bizarre books that she incorporates into monstrous, ever-expanding essays for some sort of doctorate in magic, or something; daydreaming (mostly that everyone she knows hates her, it seems); and sharing deeply personal revelations about her sordid past, sordid boyfriend, and sordid personal habits and problems. She's rather lovely.

Current web-site: http://www.exposingsatanism.org/harrypotter.htm
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