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Not dead, only sleeping

The constellation of Confidence is in ascension, that of Workload is sinking below the horizon, and the last wisps of the faint and short-lived Eager New Boy Persona cluster are spiraling into the galaxy-swallowing black hole of Slack. Yes indeed, it seems that the stars are right for my return to LiveJournal...

I've had a job with net access for a couple of weeks now, but it's only today that I've finally got round to posting rather than just catching up. I had intended to post a massive, all-encompassing post about trips to Canada and Glastonbury, music heard and seen and played to adoring crowds, friends met and missed, fun going out and fun staying in, the despair and... errr... slightly lessened despair of job seeking, in short: a few months of living distilled into one post of unsurpassed richness and humanity that would only require a few more <br> tags to make it an epic poem destined to be considered one of the finest works in the Later English language.

Having mulled this concept like bad red wine for a few days, I suffered a blinding flash of the obvious: this was near-identical to a problematic tendency that I recognised in myself a few years ago and have been (vaguely) striving to overcome ever since, with limited but heartening success. This tendency was thinking 'I haven't spoken to X for ages, I must give them a ring or send them an email. No, but wait, it has been so long that this must be no ordinary chatty greeting, but something worth the wait.' This would, of course, result in me never actually getting round to contacting them at all, as the longer I stalled, dithered or prepared, the more impressive the call had to be. After too long I realised that this was dumb, and people were just pleased to hear from me when I got round to it, not disappointed that it hadn't been more exciting. I can only trust that this analogy holds for LJ too...

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