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  • Thu, 14:05: Saw a presentation about how hard linking 'adverse events' to specific drugs is. Fascinating & important stuff, many valid points; & yet...
  • Thu, 14:10: ...it was by a Big Pharma epidemiologist. Is it unfair to therefore be suspicious of what _could_ be (ab)used to defend dangerous products?
  • Fri, 07:43: Pension providers maximise profits? Schools appeal important exam results? MPs don't want to be recalled? We're through the looking glass...
  • Fri, 08:05: Heard the British Skeleton Chairman say he's looking for recruits who won't slap the sides of the skeleton race. He should avoid D&D groups.



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Feb. 14th, 2014 11:16 pm (UTC)
it's not a race it's a template
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