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I have been accused of grammar and spelling pedantry in the past, an accusation that I don't think is entirely fair. I'm not a true, kill-them-if-they-split-an-infinitive, American-spelling-is-JUST-PLAIN-WRONG-even-if-you're-an-American blowhard, though it does irritate me when the media misuse language because it's their job, dammit. What occasioned this though was an email I received today. Now, our clients at work are librarians, which might predispose one to expect a fairly high standard of literacy. Nope. I know email is an essentially informal communication medium, but you'd think they could at least run a bloody spell-checker over their messages, wouldn't you? Still, as I was saying above, I try not to be too judgmental. After all, some of these people might be non-native English speakers for example, more deserving of admiration than nit-picking.

And then you get an email exchange like this:

'4086':It dusnot let us use the noloans, we have also tyed "no loans", "no loan", "loans" and "loan". but non of them work.
Me:I'm afraid that the nature of your support contract is such that we can only respond to support requests from your support group leader. According to our records, this is Ms. X of Y. We apologise for the inconvenience.
'4086':You are not going to to tell me what the ansere is because you dont know the ansere! I have spoke to 5 difront people and non of them know!

What, I ask myself, the fuck?

Now, occasionally, to leaven the boredom of picking the phone at work, I will answer in a Scottish accent. This has a slight but enlivening element of danger, as a number of our customers are actually Scottish and as such, could easily come to the conclusion that I'm taking the piss. Which in a way, I suppose I am. I had never considered taking this to the extreme of '4086': actually answering email in an Irvine Welsh-esque faux dialect.

Maybe next week.
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