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Missed opportunity (v 1.2)

Shit. Why did nobody tell me it was 'Dress Loud For The Blind Day'? Was this on the mainstream media? And is it just me, or is this a charity thing that's reasonably fun to participate in, and actually quite an amusing idea? Everyone in work is dressed like a clown, and I have a sweet vision of me blowing them all away by wearing my big black boots, tight black jeans, shocking orange (by which I mean it actually appears to fluoresce. It's the orangest t-shirt I've ever seen, was a freebie from when I worked at the book shop, and is probably radioactive or something) t-shirt with 'Corporate religion' written on it, and black shirt with big white skulls all over it. And maybe my pink linen jacket. Goddamn.

In fact, so inspiring is this vision of loveliness in my head, I will recreate it for you here, in the best way I know how:

    ///\ (Hello, ladies)
    (o o) /
   /     \  M
  //|   |\\//
 // |   | \/
 W  =====
    | A |
    || ||
    || ||
    > V <
   (_/ \_)

Only brighter orange, natch.
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