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Some random music-related observations, a la andypop.

- Today I have confirmed an experimental observation originally made at work, which is that if you listen to 'Tomorrow Comes Today' by Gorillaz on your headphones on repeat, it's like getting slightly stoned without the expense or hassle. Try this yourself, and let me know if it works for you.

- Last weekend I bought the single of 'Reach Out' by Midfield General, a blinder of a track. I already own the album version, but was intrigued by the prospect of the Turin Brakes mix, Turin Brakes being one of the few enjoyable examples of the current wave of slightly mimsy guitar-based indie melancholia which may or may not be what the Americalandians call 'emo'. Sure enough, the aforementioned version is great. If you like the idea of a slowish big-beat track being covered by an acousticy indie band, you may think so too.

- The previously name-checked andypop afforded me great pleasure with this fantastic Placebo parody, but, given the nature of LiveJournal, I suspect no-one got to see it, so I will repeat it here as it deserves as wide an audience as I can provide:

Imagine the following intoned in a tinny voice over a pissweak indierock backing, to the tune of Pure Morning:

A friend in black, dressed in a mac
A friend with drugs aplenty
Has let some girls in round the back
All of them under twenty
They're not impressed with my black dress
Though they're inebriated
One has the rudeness to suggest
My band is overrated


I offer drugs, I offer sex
In my tour bus nightly
I offer thousand-dollar cheques
They decline politely
They say they couldn't give a toss
That I'm a famous singer
I tell them I'm androgynous
They say I'm just a minger


Fantastic. Must actually make it to one of Andy's band's gigs, one of these days, despite their inconvenient venues in the outskirts of London Village...
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