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  • Sun, 13:19: Avengers eating & drinking party day 2 begins with The Incredible Hulk, and green gin & tonics, & picadillo with tortilla chips.
  • Sun, 13:41: Green soda with a drop of red Hulk blood, a shot of mysterious violet plant extract, and a fist full of angry green peas...
  • Sun, 13:57: Banana chips and spicy green trail-mix, then a (perfectly timed) delivery pizza infiltrates the room...
  • Sun, 14:15: A turn for the distasteful as we take shots of abomination serum, then swallow (nori) memory sticks washed down with Hulk smash smoothie.
  • Sun, 14:36: More shots of Abomination serum, followed by Hulk blood & inadequate de-Hulkinator. This has involved a *lot* of lurid-coloured liquids.
  • Sun, 15:16: Hulk ends with delicious knuckle sandwiches flambés, calming tea, then a last lurid Hulk cocktail & chocolate cigars for the Coulson short.
  • Sun, 16:25: Thor begins with grapes, mead and (oddly, but canonically) pear and cheese sandwiches. I fear we're in for a lot of quaffing...
  • Sun, 16:28: The Rainbow Bridge is represented by a swirl of colourful dried fruits, glitter-sugar and pop rocks. Magic!
  • Sun, 16:45: Thor is exiled to Earth, which we celebrate with bad American beer and cheap sausages.
  • Sun, 16:51: Back to Asgard for more mead, then back to earth for... Pop Tarts.
  • Sun, 17:08: Wisely, party mistress @cleanskies decided to forgo representing Thor's muddy wrestling match with beefcake dipped in chocolate fondue...
  • Sun, 17:19: Boilermakers for the bar scene. I assume the idea is that shitty whiskey takes away the taste of shitty beer & vice versa. Seems to work!
  • Sun, 17:26: Now pancakes, bacon and maple syrup for the post-booze breakfast. We decided to pass up the 4 pheasants, a side of beef and 2 wild boar...
  • Sun, 17:49: And Thor ends with mead, grapes and ham (which mercifully distracts us from all the emoting.)
  • Sun, 19:02: Our Avengers eating & drinking marathon ends (of course) with The Avengers. We start by messing with our minds with blue tesseract cocktails
  • Sun, 19:24: Tony Stark appears so naturally we break out the champagne. Also, @tinyjo has a glow stick which she is using for mind control (i.e. poking)
  • Sun, 19:36: More champagne for the fancy reception, served with (candy) eyeballs for Loki's entrance.
  • Sun, 19:57: The science bros scene demands brain food: dried blueberries & goji berries. Also, I feel we're now on Tony Stark's wavelength (i.e. drunk).
  • Sun, 20:27: Nick Fury's speech about values & suchlike proves the ideal opportunity for a toilet break.
  • Sun, 20:35: Taking our cues from Tony Stark (as ever) we have shot of fancy whiskey before the alien attack commences.
  • Sun, 20:41: Now prawns (representing aliens) served in 5 heroically-appropriate ways: skewered, honey roasted, in american sauce, flambéd, or smashed.
  • Sun, 21:09: We end with schawarma, of course. It's been fucking epic. Happy birthday to @squigglyruth & @tinyjo, & mad props to @cleanskies.
  • Sun, 22:09: Avengers party aftermath: everything's covered in glitter & cocktail residue, & the reclining sofa has left two victims too relaxed to move.
  • Sun, 22:15: The recycling bin is full. Notable kills include Canadian Royal whiskey, apparently a viciously anti-monarchist commentary in beverage form.
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